Quest Rare Minerals Ltd. is dedicated to protection and prevention of our natural, human, and social environments.

Quest will achieve this objective by:


  • Using the most efficient technologies and techniques that minimize the Company’s environmental impact and risk;

  • Developing and implementing emergency action plans to manage unexpected events;

  • Adhering to laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which the Company conducts its projects;

  • Ensuring conservation and minimize consumption of natural resources and consumable goods;

  • Informing employees and members of the Management Advisory Board of the Company’s environmental management plans, policies, and procedures;

  • Providing training and assessment to ensure that employees have the knowledge and skills required for their functions;

  • Ensuring that subcontractors and suppliers of goods and services adhere to the Company’s environmental management plans, policies, and procedures;

  • Participating in research and development programs to improve environmental management and processes;

  • Establishing relationships with stakeholders, government organizations, and the general public and encourage relations in order to lead to improvements in industry practices.